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30.03.2015 13:08

The main aim of the Department of International Cooperation is to improve the international competitiveness of the Institute and develop new forms of partnerships with foreign and CIS educational and scientific institutions.

The Department has the following main directions:

- to search for promising areas of cooperation with foreign partners of the Institute, as well as with Russian institutions promoting international relations;

- to provide the actual information in Russian and English languages of relevant web pages of the site of the Institute;

- to implement the international correspondence of the Institute working with e-mail, translating of incoming and outgoing messages;

-to promote the publication of scientific works of the Institute scientists in international scientific journals;

- to coordinate consult and language support of the structural units of the Institute for the implementation of scientific and educational programs of international cooperation;

- to maintain consolidated accounts on international activities of the Institute;

- to collect, systematize and disseminate information on international educational and scientific programs;

- to cooperate with the visa center and consulates of foreign countries in the Russian Federation on consular services to ensure the stay of foreign citizens visiting t he Institute;

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