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30.03.2015 08:58

Udmurt regional branch of the Russian Engineering Academy (REA), Humanitarian and Engineering Technologies Institute of Kamа, and relatives of the writer Mikhail Petrov established in late 2005, a charitable fund in his name.

Classic of the Udmurt and Russian literature, Mikhail Petrov during his lifetime has done a lot for the development of creative talents of young people, poets, writers, playwrights, and other figures of art and literature. Many of the pupils or supported by him creative people became well-known writers and poets who achieved a high recognized position in society, in the world of literature and art.

The fund started activities on the eve of the 100th anniversary of M. P. Petrov.

Fund named after writer Mikhail Petrov's main goal is charitable activities aimed at the development of literature and art, providing organizational and material assistance to talented poets and novelists, playwrights and literary critics, painters and composers, other native and foreign workers of culture and art, gifted children and young people .

The principal activities of the fund are:

- charitable activities directed to the development of literature, art and culture;

- establishment of awards, honorary awards, titles, commemorative signs, badges, medals for rewarding outstanding figures of literature and art, as well as talented children and youth, and others, who contribute to the development of literature and art;

- publishing (publication of literary works, art albums, teaching materials for literature and art, and other books and magazines);

- conducting competitions, conferences, meetings and other activities in the field of literature and art.

The main projects of the fund:

- publishing literary and artistic journal «Italmas»;

- organization of the literary exhibition and conference of artists and designers of Udmurtia in the Institute Gallery of Arts and Technology «Harp»;

- republication of the six-volume collected works of M. Petrov in Udmurt and Russian languages and a free distribution to all the libraries of educational institutions of Udmurtia;

- help for young authors to publish their works;

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